Thanks, Ryan…

Driven by a post-dinner conversation with our friend and chemist, Ryan Mehl, we have decided to rethink our relationship with plastic – well, more than rethink. During the 2012 calendar year we are going to try to eliminate any new influx of plastic into our house.  Sure, plastic has many important and useful applications and our approach is not plastic-free, merely zero-plastic-influx. There will undoubtedly be challenges along the way, but we will try to meet these in a creative way.


4 responses to “Thanks, Ryan…

  1. Way to go, Steve! Good luck on your and your family’s journey. Not an easy one, but most certainly one that will make a difference and help build awareness for others. Onward!

  2. what are you using as your definition of plastic?

    • Plastic bags and food containers are out. Plastic toys and goods. Anything that is packed in plastic. I am also extending this to clothing although it seems like Andrea has yet to decide her approach in this regard. Debby – does that answer it.

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