I have a little conundrum.  I bought this blouse at Mommalicious today.  It was tagged perfectly for zero-plastic-influx: safety pin holding a thread attached to a paper tag.  The problem is that the blouse, though made of reclaimed fabric, is polyester.  So I have clearly violated the zero-plastic-influx rule, but what are the larger ramifications of this?  Is supporting the recycling of polyester clothing supporting the creation of polyester clothing?


One response to “Polyester

  1. I think that many questions like this will come up and I’m interested to see what the questions are and what you decide.

    Recycling / reusing are good questions – is it OK to bring a plastic item into the house to reuse something another person is recycling or just plain throwing away?

    What if a little bit of polyester makes your clothes last a lot longer?

    What’s your time worth? (as measured in terms of $$, or pounds of carbon, or plastic sandwich bags, etc.)

    If you avoid plastic wrapping your options will probably be reduced; sometimes you won’t really care about which product but sometimes you might?

    If avoiding plastic means you pay $0.28 more is that OK? What if it’s $5 more? … and the amount of plastic is very small?

    Is it OK to drive 4 extra miles to buy paper-wrapped toilet paper?

    You want to eliminate more plastic coming into the house and ignore your overall carbon footprint?

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