Plastic windows in envelopes

Steve has been really good about getting us off mailing lists.  I did my part and got us onto electronic mailings (and off of paper mailings) from the girls’ college funds.  Legally, however, if we make a donation to their college funds then they must BY LAW send us paper mail, and it will have a little plastic window in it.  Soooo if you’ve been following me so far, we can avoid any plastic coming in from them by not planning for the girls’ future.  That seems a bit counter-productive, although I do note that plastic windows in envelopes is something  that the woman decided she just had to live with, and I do appreciate that this effort is reducing our mail overall.

Steve and I haven’t made any purchases for a couple days and we note that not buying stuff is a really easy way to avoid buying stuff that’s plastic.


One response to “Plastic windows in envelopes

  1. More than the plastic, the extra paper and wasted energy sending unneeded stuff is crazy.

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