Plastic-free groceries

Here’s what I picked up at Lemon Street Market today.  Part of it is my order from Abundant Earth Co-op and part of it is off the shelves at the store.  I dropped off the jars for Trish on Monday morning and she filled them up with my bulk order (G/F oats, rice, chocolate chips, quinoa).  The rest is cans of coconut milk, a case of Annie’s mac and cheese, bananas, and ginger. (Is there a plastic-lining in the Annie’s cheese packet?  Ooh, I’ll have to check that out.)

While I was in the store Steve called and said “Can you pick up some treats for me to take to a talk tonight?”  I replied “The only plastic-free treats I can find are home-made chocolate chip cookies that look good (and really big) but are $2.50 each.”  We quickly came up with an idea for making hummus – I couldn’t buy it pre-made because it came in a plastic tub, but I could buy the can of garbanzo beans and two lemons!  So as I was walking home Steve was putting the tahini and garlic in the cuisinart, and when I got home he dropped in the garbanzo beans and the lemon juice, and 5 minutes later he was out the door with the hummus.  A small victory for the zero-plastic-influx house!

I’m making a small list of “quirky things you can do to reduce plastic consumption”.  Here’s number 1:  wear thin socks underneath your polyester tights when you are wearing boots.  They make your tights last longer, and make your feet feel better anyway.  The day will come when I darn my tights! I’ll post for SURE about that.


2 responses to “Plastic-free groceries

  1. I love the concept of a plastic free life. Did you know that Ball canning lids are coated with BPA? Tattler offers a BPA free option to use with your Ball canning jars.

  2. Thanks, Taate! Checked out the site. Looks good. Might have to move that direction. I’m also excited about the fact that Glen Beck is a supporter of their lids. I bet he is totally down with zero-plastic-influx.

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