Paper in a box

This photo not only shows that a box of 96 rolls of toilet paper can be used as a climbing toy, but it also shows our solution to not having to buy the plastic packaging with our tissue.  Despite this effort, however, it looks like the best way to seal a cardboard box is with plastic tape. Jeeesh! Someone give me a hand trying to figure this one out – it’s just impossible to avoid plastic! Well, unless a hand is what you use. 

Note: not sure what is meant by “treeless.” It is paper after all,even if it is recycled.

Second Note: Treeless means treeless.  It’s made from sugar cane.


3 responses to “Paper in a box

  1. Alternatives to toilet paper invariable score high on the ew–yuck! meter, so I’m treading carefully here. But if you’re not overly squeamish, you can hunt around on the blogosphere and see that there are people who use rags instead of paper. One basket with the clean rags; one sealed basket with the dirty ones. And the dirty ones do not get quite as dirty as you might first imagine.

  2. Using a rag really wouldn’t be any different than laundering cloth diapers, I suppose, but I’m not sure we are ready to take that step. I’d love to read your post about your experiences with this after you transition your family to a paperless bathroom. 😉

  3. Wow! Treeless really means treeless. The stuff is made from sugar cane. Huh.

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