Don’t give me a spoon!!

So I managed to get Frozen Yogurt in the airport and NOT get a spoon.  I watched her serve the person before me and I saw how she just stuck that spoon right in there and I knew I didn’t have time to make a mistake while she was making mine.  I said “Don’t give me a spoon!” right as she put my last topping on.  In my next entry I might try to calculate the amount of plastic the world would save from being created if we all just carried around our own spoon.  Don’t you think that’s a good idea?  It’s not very much to ask.

On a side-note, I must’ve been out of California for too long because I don’t get the point of frozen yogurt anymore.  It sucks.

But let’s back up, I have taken 3 pieces of plastic into my possession so far, and I’ve only been gone for 14 hours.

1) plastic wrapper for a feminine hygiene product that I suddenly needed while on the plane.

2) one straw that came with my water at the Thai place I had dinner.  I kept it!  (I had to make sure not to let them wrap up my left-overs)

3) one key-card for my hotel room.  I discussed this with the nice man and he assured me that if I return my key-card at the end of my stay, that they will re-use it.  He did say that they eventually wear out.  So I don’t think my impunity is complete here.

I’m a little worried about how the catering is going to look at the meeting tomorrow, especially because I requested gluten-free stuff so they’ll probably put it in its own packaging.  Stay-tuned…


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