Catering woes

Okay so the catering situation was pretty much as I imagined. My special gluten-free meals at breakfast and lunch came in big plastic containers.  So now to my plastic intake on this trip add:

  • two plastic food containers

Though I am failing to have zero plastic intake, I would like to list for you the plastic items that I normally would have used, but didn’t:

  • I did not take a piece of hard candy from the hotel lobby
  • I did not use the styrofoam cup that fits into the coffee maker in my room.  (What happened to glass?) I couldn’t use my travel mug because it was too tall to fit in the shrimpy coffee maker.  Rather I used the Grey Poupon jar that I had brought my salad dressing in.  Also note that I did not make coffee, but rather ginger tea, because making coffee would’ve caused me to open a plastic wrapper that houses the coffee grounds.
  • I did not take a toothpick from the restaurant at dinner even though I had food stuck in my teeth, because the toothpick was wrapped in plastic. (I think the fact that toothpicks now come individually wrapped in plastic should bother us.)
  • The only water in the meeting room was in plastic bottles.  I didn’t take any, but rather used my water bottle and refilled it in the hall.
  • When I got food from the buffet I used my empty catering containers instead of taking a new plastic plate.
  • I used the silverware I brought instead of the plastic silverware provided.
  • I used the pitcher of creamer in my coffee instead of the individually wrapped creamers.

I still like my “everybody carry a spoon”  idea.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot today (but not so much that I did the calculation).  I need a catchy name and then I’m going to figure out how to make it go viral.  Spoonerism.  Don’t give me a spoon!  Spoon me!  Don’t spoon me!  Let’s spoon America!


2 responses to “Catering woes

  1. Spoon. What a good idea! I carry around a fork (it fits in my bag in one of those pencil-holder pockets), but I keep accidentally stabbing myself. I should remember “safety first”.

  2. Yes, I think the spoon is the thing to start everybody with for exactly the non-stabbing properties you identify. Thanks for commenting!

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