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I have a little conundrum.  I bought this blouse at Mommalicious today.  It was tagged perfectly for zero-plastic-influx: safety pin holding a thread attached to a paper tag.  The problem is that the blouse, though made of reclaimed fabric, is polyester.  So I have clearly violated the zero-plastic-influx rule, but what are the larger ramifications of this?  Is supporting the recycling of polyester clothing supporting the creation of polyester clothing?


REI: Yeah, we’re into green

I received a gift card from REI for Christmas and I decided to redeem it today.  I knew that any package they sent me would include plastic of some sort and that the box would arrive after the first of the year (our official start date), but, hell, I wanted a new pair of pants so I decided to go for it.  Failed. Already. Zero-plastic-influx was going to have to take a hit.

The pants are 3% spandex (fancy name for plastic?) and 97% cotton.  I guess I will need to find a 100% cotton pant moving forward, but I feel confident that none of the pants I currently own will need to be replaced over the next year. I Suppose I have spandex to thank for that.

Anyway, to feel a bit better about the whole plastic pant shipping thing, I decided to see what the REI sales representative could do for me in terms of plastic-free shipping. Despite my attempt to appeal to her Northwest/Seattle, outdoor-loving, need-to-be-ahead-of-the-curve-in-terms-of-funky mossiness, she claimed that she had no control over the way my pants were shipped; this despite her admission that “Yeah, we’re into green.”

Apparently the plastic bag the pants will come in are to protect it from any moisture it may come into contact. (Dog pee?) I tried to see if they could wrap my box in twine instead of using tape. No go.  “Hey, I won’t hold you accountable if the twine comes off and my pants land on the floor of the Salt Lake City UPS distribution center. Let’s just see what happens,” I said to the woman.  Suppose REI just isn’t that funky.

Sure, I didn’t really press the issue – it was a half-assed effort on my part.  Mostly, I was just curious – just feeling the whole thing out.  Clearly this could have been a big Michael Moore moment complete with cameras and tirades and heart-felt speeches about the churning mass of plastic so soupingly loving our oceans, but I’m not quite ready for that yet.  We’ll see.