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Ahh… tape!

Xyla is down with zero-plastic-influx and proudly displays a gift she wrapped for a friend.  Reused Christmas tissue paper and yarn make this a plastic-free endeavor. Had we not started to think deeply about our relationship with plastic, this gift would have typically been covered in tape.

The challenge of zero-plastic-influx will undoubtedly inspire us to look at how far we are willing to take this whole thing.  I am ready to go all of the way (or as far as we can) but at what point does one decide that the lack of something, tape, say, actually puts a damper on creativity and keeps our kids from being able to take their imaginations and art where they want it to go? Tape be gone! As one of the more popular art materials in our house, our kids will need to find different materials with which to create crazy sculptures and creations.

I will say that I am looking forward to sending a package tied with twine. If REI won’t do it, I will.