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Time to get out the word

Our parents, the grandparents of our children, are great.  They are supportive of our kids and encourage them in all of their pursuits.  Currently, one of our kids is gearing up for the school science fair.  For a first grader, this means she is making dinosaur bones out of salt-dough, making a poster with a drawing of a T-rex and creating a “dig” with a bucket of sand and the salt-dough bones.

Seeing this interest in dinosaurs, one of their grandmothers lovingly sent a dinosaur bone-making kit.  So that our other daughter would have something also, her grandmother sent her a petri dish/agar set so she could take swabs of things and grow her own cultures.  Both kits are awesome.  Both kits, however, are plasticulated.

Of course, when I opened the package I could have packed everything up and sent it back, but our kids were right there as the package came (addressed to them) and when I opened it, there was no turning back. I can be tough, but I didn’t feel like working through this one.

From the beginning of this experience, wehave tried to approach it sincerely, but without driving ourselves crazy.  Part of the thing was also to use the first couple of months to figure out where the gaps were and to close them up.  Clearly, having folks send us plastic stuff is one of the gaps – and one which would be easily covered. For one, there is nothing that says we must accept plastic that arrives in the mail, but the other thing we need to do is educate folks around us as to what we are up to.  In this case, we didn’t do either.  In this case, however, we will learn and move forward.  That, and look forward to seeing what types of animals live in between our child’s toes.